#197 How I Overcame my TRUST ISSUES with God So You Can Too

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Theme: How I Overcame my TRUST ISSUES with God So You Can Too

In this Episode: I talk about how after years of trusting God in my head but not in my heart, God took me on a long walk to tell me otherwise and help me develop a deeper sense of trust with Him.

I also give you 5 steps on how you can do the same:

  1. Make a list of the MIRACLES and things YOU couldn’t have done without God
  2. Stop Talking. Put your hand over your mouth
  3. Confess your foolishness to God
  4. Get rid of your distractions – bad friends, bad online messages, bad people
  5. Watch God restore your riches/wealth/GOZO like never before – HE WILL DO IT IN HIS TIMING

Who is David Trigueros?

I have been married 22 years to my beautiful wife Rachelle! We have three amazing teens, one is a top model and successful entrepreneur. I’m a pastor, speaker and content creator. In 2013, I recorded my own CD of original songs, then in 2014 I wrote an e-Book called “How to live an Anxiety Free Summer” and an article called “High Anxiety” for Leadership Online.

But it has not always been easy…

I grew up far from home, dealt with war, fear and anxiety. Was unemployed for a year and at times felt fearful and insecure.

But through grace, love and discovering my God-given adventure I have achieved everything I want in life. Now I’m here to help you achieve GOZO and succeed in life!

So In 2010 I started my own media company called #GOZOtv! with thousands of views online. l love my job and now I get to do what I was created for, now I feel like I’m living on GOZO street! (GOZO btw, means JOY!)

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Your #GOZO! friend,
Psalm 30:6 – GOZO means JOY!