Three Proven Ways to Live in the Moment



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Being in the moment means you give yourself the freedom to cry, to laugh, to feel. It means you allow yourself the space to admire creation, to feel love, to worship, to grieve the loss of a friend.

But instead, our minds tend to focus on worries and anxieties, on the things we’ve yet to do – lose weight, make more money, get better grades or on our past – I shouldn’t have gotten angry, I shouldn’t have sent that text.

Living in the moment means you allow the past and future to be what they are, illusions and distractions that keep us from living in the joy (or sadness) of each day.

So here are Three Proven Ways to Live in the Moment:

#1 Cry More Often. Most of us try to avoid pain, tears or sadness. But living in the moment starts with remembering the tough times, the last time you cried, the last time you felt sadness or loss.

For example, when my dear friend Lucy (65) died, I cried all the time, at home, in the car, every where I went I seemed to cry.

Remembering those tears seemed to ground me, to remind me that I’m a human being, not a human doing. Tears remind us of our humanity faster than anything else.

#2 Remember The Last Time You Laughed and Do It Again. Laughing is probably the second fastest way to stay in the moment. Unfortunately, most of us have a hard laughing, but laughing truly is the best medicine. Laughter creates endorphins which give us Joy or GOZO, it builds memories which we can recall for years to come.

And lastly,

#3 Love and Be Loved. Love is the ultimate way to stay in the moment because it’s the source of all emotion. When we are in our heads we forget two things: to be loved and to love others.

But when we allow ourselves to be loved by a friend, a husband/wife or family member, we realize that we all need human relationships in order to survive.

Equally, when we love others, we come fully alive.

This week, we’re spending time with our family in Oregon, they have treated us so well, taking us places, making us feel at home.

But what makes me feel alive most is when we sit together and talk about our dreams, our struggles, about our common lives.

In other words when we focus on others and seek to LOVE other people, that’s we tend to feel the most alive.

Being in the moment is one of hardest things for me, because like you, I tend to live in the ‘what’s next’. But when we allow our joys and sadness to come out, we love better, we work harder, we feel alive and most of all we feel like we’re living fully awake. 

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Your #GOZO! friend,

Who is David Trigueros?

I have been married 22 years to my beautiful wife Rachelle! We have three amazing teens, one is a top model and successful entrepreneur. I’m a pastor, speaker and content creator. In 2013, I recorded my own CD of original songs, then in 2014 I wrote an e-Book called “How to live an Anxiety Free Summer” and an article called “High Anxiety” for Leadership Online.

But it has not always been easy…

I grew up far from home, dealt with war, fear and anxiety. Was unemployed for a year and at times felt fearful and insecure.

But through grace, love and discovering my God-given adventure I have achieved everything I want in life. Now I’m here to help you achieve GOZO and succeed in life!

So In 2010 I started my own media company called #GOZOtv! with thousands of views online. l love my job and now I get to do what I was created for, now I feel like I’m living on GOZO street! (GOZO btw, means JOY!)

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Your #GOZO! friend,
Psalm 30:6 – GOZO means JOY!