#216 How to Deal with a Panic Attack| David Trig

In this Episode: Last week I had a panic attack which lasted about 9 minutes and it almost caught me off guard. In a matter of seconds I was tense, my heart was racing and I got tunnel vision. But through the years and training, I knew what to do and went through what I now call my GOZO Plan to bring the anxiety down. In this episode I share with you the 7 Steps To No More Anxiety. 

#214 When You Feel Like You Don’t Belong | David Trig

In this Episode: Once I was told by a fellow parent at our kids school tell me “are you some kind of Renaissance man or something?” I didn’t know how to take that, should I be offended or was that a compliment?

#213 How to Find Your True Level of Genius | David Trig

In this Episode: I’ve been reading the book “The Big Leap” and it’s changing my life. The book talks about a few major things:

Your Upper Limit Problem
The Four Levels of Growth 
How to Find Your Level of Genius