#213 How to Find Your True Level of Genius | David Trig

In this Episode: I’ve been reading the book “The Big Leap” and it’s changing my life. The book talks about a few major things:

Your Upper Limit Problem
The Four Levels of Growth 
How to Find Your Level of Genius

#211 How To Develop Your Personal Philosophy for Life

In this Episode: Do you know your personal philosophy for life? In other words, a set of values you live by that regardless of what others may say, clarify and convict you of what you should be doing with your life. In this episode I will help you find your personal philosophy for life.

#210 How To Deal When a Child Goes Away to College

In this Episode: Our child went away to college this week and wow was that tough. Perhaps you’ve never been there, you may be an ol’ pro. Here are Five Tips to Dealing When a Child Goes Away to College.

#209 How to Take Better Care of Yourself

In this Episode: It seems our culture values exhaustion over rest. How do you take care of yourself amidst school, work, children and tiredness? Listen to the 7 Tips to Take Better Care of Yourself. If Jesus took time to be alone and do self-care, how much more should we?

#208 The Woman Behind the Man

In this Episode: My wife is the key to my success, behind every successful man, there is an amazing woman and vice versa. But what makes an amazing woman? What is the role of the man to make sure the relationship works and you can build your kingdom empire, purpose, calling or anointing?

#207 How to Know and Do What Matters Most

In this Episode: For the last five years, I’ve been thinking about what really matters to me. In my 20’s and 30’s everything mattered, but now in my 40’s I have much more clarity in life and I want to share how I got to this place in case you want to do the same. 

[SPANISH] Como No Juzgar a La Gente

Siete Maneras de Como NO JUZGAR a la Gente #vidaGOZO! Juzga usted mucho a otros? En este episodio de #vidaGOZO! le hablo de como juzgar menos a las personas en su trabajo, en la iglesia y en su casa. COMO OIR EL PROGRAMA: De mi página web/lea las notes: davidtrig.com/juzgar iTunes (solo el audio): http://apple.co/29WNzUv Stitcher…

#205 How to Start Your Own Podcast in Less Than an Hour

In this Episode: I talk about 7 Tips to Start Your Own Podcast in Less Than an Hour. I go over gear, mindset and the tools you need in order to start your own podcast in an hour. This is a LIVE stream that I did this week that will help you answer most of your common questions such as:

#204 What I Learned From Hosting My First Live Event

In this Episode: I talk about what I learned in hosting my first event called the No More Anxiety workshop. I want to share these tips with you, in case you want to host your own event and learn from what I did.