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Hello, my name is Trig or David Trigueros and I’m the creator and host of #GOZOtv, a webTV show helping people find #GOZO (#GOZO means JOY in Spanish) inspite of fear, anxiety and depression.

Thanks so much for being here.

I help youth, teens, creative types, artists, entrepreneurs and city leaders find JOY (GOZO) amidst fear, anxiety and depression.

I’ve dealt with fear and anxiety  since I was 5 years old stemming from issues of family of origin and childhood trauma, but after years of counseling, investing over $10,000 in some of the best mentors and spiritual advisors in the world, a ton of school and my experience as a creative type, entrepreneur and spiritual advisor, I have learned to find JOY amidst anxiety.

In short, I have learned to rediscover my true sense of ADVENTURE, to find grace amidst CRISIS and to focus on what I really LOVE to do.

I’m also a spiritual advisor, singer/songwriter, speaker, pastor and anxiety coach in Los Angeles, CA.


I have a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from Cal State Long Beach, entered the Masters of Divinity program at Talbot Seminary then transfered to the Masters of Global Leadership program at Fuller Seminary.  My dream is to one day earn a Doctorate in Leadership at Fuller.


I’ve been a pastor for over 22 years in Long Beach, CA, Denver, CO, Los Angeles, CA and Santa Ana, CA

I had the privilege to be the Administrator at the Church on the USC Campus (United University Church) in Los Angeles, CA where I handled all business, facilities and financial operations between the church, surrounding community and various USC departments.

Currently, I have the privilege to be the lead teaching/vision pastor at Neighborhood Christian in Bellflower, CA. Previously I was lead pastor at  Life Church OC in Santa Ana, CA a young Asian American church seeking to bring life and freedom to Santa Ana, OC and the world.


In January 2014, I began my own podcast called the Trig Podcast of Joy to great success.

In March 2014, I hosted the “Finding Grace Through Anxiety Conference” in Long Beach, CA and 80 people received counseling, coaching and encouragement.

In June 2014 I started my own Webtv show called #GOZOtv which was recently #3 in iTunes under the “Anxiety” category and was on the front page under “Religion and Spirituality” next to TD Jakes and Joel Osteen.

PodcastPHOTOIn August 2014, I published my first article called “High Anxiety” in Leadership Journal, a leadership magazine (through Christianity Today) that goes out to thousands of faith and non-profit leaders world wide.

In January 2015, I spoke in Denver, CO to over 500 people at a Sunday in Spanish event called “Living La Vida GOZO”.

I’m currently writing a book called “Finding Grace Through Anxiety: From Anxious Freak to Fearless Lover” about my battle with anxiety and how I’m finding grace and GOZO amidst it (GOZO means Joy in Spanish), due out Fall 2015.

Last year I recorded my first CD called “How Do You Feel”. You can download my CD in iTunes here. I am now recording a 2nd CD called “Masterpiece” due out December 2015.


I was raised in Long Beach, CA, born in Nicaragua, fluent in Spanish and English (with a little bit of Chinese) and married to my lovely wife Rachelle. Together we have three amazing children, we currently live in Long Beach, CA.

My personal goal is to help people find #GOZO (GOZO means Joy in Spanish) inspite of fear, anxiety and depression.


Besides singing, playing guitar, piano, drums and bass, I also play the banjo, accordion and penny whistle. I’m also not a very good swimmer but love the ocean.


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Live your adventure, find grace in crisis, discover who you love

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