I Bought a Weapon Today

Welcome back. You belong here.

I thought it would never happen but it happened yesterday. I bought our 4 year old his first pirate sword, patch, flag and telescope combo.

That happened way sooner than I expected and in fact I told myself I would never buy our son a weapon. Funny.

I actually wish I had bought one for myself!

Have a great day,

Into the future,


One thought on “I Bought a Weapon Today”

  1. I told myself the same thing before we had kids. I thought I should never buy my son any gun or weapons. But then I learned that playing with guns/weapons is a very natural part of a boys development (read John Eldredge). Its an essential part of his masculinity – not that we should force it, but we shouldn’t be afraid of it. I believe it’s wired into our DNA. I played war quite a bit when I was young and I turned out just fine. I don’t own or gun nor have I had any “inclination toward violence” since my youth. Our culture tends to look for a solution to evil and they point to external factors when we know that it’s a mater of the heart (Matt 15:18-19). IMHO.– Mike Taylor (graphicus44)

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