Top Ten Reasons Why I Went Back to Church by davidTrig (part2)

church-loneliness-550x550Welcome Back. You belong here.

Previously, I wrote my Top Ten Reasons Why I Went Back to Church. I wrote that as a response to Donald Miller‘s post on Why He Doesn’t Worship God By Singing.

My good friend Kathy Escobar also wrote a response “Leaving the Church to Save Our Souls”.  It’s amazing.

The first five reasons Why I Went Back to Church were:

1. It Was My Pride
2. Amazing Music
3. Great Speakers
4. Humble People
5. Celebrate Recovery

Here are the rest of my Top Ten Reasons Why I Went Back to Church (part 2):

6. My Mom Told Me To. I remember a couple of years ago telling my mom I wasn’t going to church and she wasn’t very happy. She told me we needed a place to worship not just for us but for our children. Although she was patient with me, she was very firm in her opinion and often told me I was wrong in my thinking. That meant a lot and although at first I didn’t listen, I now feel glad I listened to my mom.

7. Our Children Need More Than Their Parents. We have two teenage daughters and one pre-teen son, and life is hard enough for young people today without church in their lives. Grades, looks, appearance, pressure to do this and do that, parents. We do family council every month as a family, more on that later, but we can’t provide the community, diversity of opinions (good and bad) and support that the church can provide. Our children may choose to not go to church someday, but they’ll always know what the church is all about (good and bad).

8. I Needed to Submit Myself to Others. I am a rebel, rebellious, rebelde to the core. Going to church and having a church leader tell me I shouldn’t post certain things on social media or that I should be on time or that I’m amazing at what I do is important. If I was on my own, doing what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it and how I wanted to do it, I’d rebel even more. This is not my favorite thing in the world, but again, it’s not about me, it’s about God’s work in my life

9. My Wife Likes It When We Worship Together as a Family. It’s important for my wife that we worship together as a family. She’s also had quite the church history (both good and bad), but at the end of the day, she believes church is a positive place for all of us. I go because I love my wife and I want to honor her desire

10. There Are More Important Things Than Debating Why People Don’t Go to Church. Although I understand the plight of those who are not interested in church (I was one of them), I believe God is asking me to do something to help others. It seems to me that what the world needs are more helping hands not people arguing over church attendance.

In Conclusion

What matters to my family and I most is not debating church attendance, church politics, or if I like the pastor’s preaching or not (all those will come and go). What we want is to be the Church in the world today and bring hope and joy wherever we go for the glory of God.

For Discussion

1. Why do you go to church?
2. Do you think it’s important to not go to church for a season?
3. What does your wife, family, friends, think of your church attendance or lack of? Does it matter to you?

Please comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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