How I Eat

Welcome back. You belong here.

Today is a good (and typical) example of how I eat.

To bring everyone up to speed, I am into fitness. I eat 6 small meals a day, lift and run/abs 6x/week. I’ve done this on a weekly basis since 2004.

I used to weigh 220lbs. now I weigh 185lb. I had no muscle tone, felt sluggish, ate pizza, ice cream, sweets, chocolate, anything and everything and felt terrible, my BP was 140/90, my cholesterol was high, went to the chiropractor weekly (not a bad thing btw), I was a mess.

Now I have strong arms, tight abs, strong legs and chest, firm back, I’m in shape. I feel amazing, have energy all day long, can’t remember the last time I had to visit my chiropractor (abs and deadlifts are great “back-breakers”), my BP is 110/70, my pulse and resting rate are low. I have run a 5K and came in 10th place in my age category. I feel strong, I look great and younger than ever. I am committed to this for life.

I started with Body for Life in 2004, did Arnold’s Body Building Program in 2005 and Dave Draper’s Fitness Program 2006 to current.

So anyway, back to today:

Breakfast – Oatmeal (whole oats), brown sugar, non-fat milk. Together with 45grams of protein (Pro-Complex) in 10oz of water.

10am snack – Power Bar, water.

Lunch – Grilled Chicken Burrito, no guacamole, no sour cream, wheat tortilla, no chips, no nachos. water.

4pm snack – Low fat Cottage Cheese (1c), 1/2 c. Non-Fat Yogurt, string cheese, water.

Dinner – Baked chicken, rice, steamed broccoli (no butter, no sour cream, no salt).

9pm snack – Protein smoothie, 45grams of protein, sugar-free frozen strawberries, 1/2 a frozen banana, 10oz non-fat milk, ice, in a blender.

Lift, 1 hour, Chest and back
Run, 20mns

That’s a typical day. I’m not perfect, I’ll eat pizza once a month (or twice maybe), I’ll snack on wheat thins and string cheese or have non-buttered popcorn at times. My body is not perfect by any means.

I just eat healthy, exercise daily and feel great.

Want help? Ask me. Someday I hope to become a certified personal trainer to help people get in shape. This is both psychology and physical. I’ve already had 4-5 people commit to a similar program just by talking to me about it. The proof is in my commitment to it.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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