I’m the Man

Welcome back. You belong here.

Fitness Update: (so far this week)…

Monday – ran 30mns, abs
Tues – did arms/legs, abs
Wed – did chest/back, abs
Fri – did arms/legs
Sat – ran 30mns
Sun – did chest/back, abs

Eating at 90%.

Note: I workout in my garage where it’s cold and windy and now my iPod broke and I’m dealing with the December blues but I won’t give up. PERSEVERANCE, one of my favorite words.

You too can do it. Who needs a New Year’s resolution? How about a today resolution!
Getting in shape is good for your body, mind and soul.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


One thought on “I’m the Man”

  1. still doing a lot of running even though it is 30 degrees outside… It is fun to run in that environment though… Havn’t lifted in a while… Jamie and I talk about bring that back into our lives… I love to run though… at least 3 – 6 miles a day…

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