February Update

Welcome back. You belong here.

I guess I do monthly updates now….

1. LB Emergent Pastors meeting a few weeks ago was interesting. At our table, one of the veteran pastors was pretty upset at the notion that veteran churches are not as relevant as they need be. Interesting, I thought he was more open minded than that. Yet, I understand. Who wants to feel irrelevant?

2. Good Friday is on it’s way. I’m producing my second Good Friday show this year, I’m calling it “Gethsemane”. Should be great.

3. Artist Retreat in full swing. I’m directing our third retreat this year, March 16-18th, we usually bring about 40 artistic types, which is a small miracle. Artist types normally don’t commune, but God is working in their lives. The theme is “the Character of the Artist”. Much needed among such types.

4. Cold, flu, nose drip, blah, blah, blah. I’ve joined the club. I’ve been off 3 days this week, sick.

5. I launch “Heaven” in Resonate this Sunday. Our creative team is building a city in our worship venue, working with new artists such as Micah who’s performing her original song called, “So Far Away”.

6. I miss my wife. We need more time alone. It will come. I was in tears regarding my love for Rachelle as I listened to “In This Life” a song about love on Switchfoot’s latest, “Oh! Gravity.” (good album, fyi, I like “Circles”, “Awakening” and “Amateur Lovers”).

7. Enjoying our children in our home. The other day I saw this picture of them sitting on our steps and had tears in my eyes about our love for them and how special it is to have our home for them to enjoy.

8. It’s been great hanging out with my sister. She’s here from Nicaragua, leaves next week. Monday for example, we went to the Jewelery, Garment and Toy Districts in Downtown LA and shopped, shopped, shopped.

9. Working Out, Persevering amidst illness and broken toe. This week I couldn’t lift (perhaps Saturday) due to a bad cold (missed 3 days of work), and a broken toe (running is out), but I’ve been doing my abs and eating 6 small meals a day, power bars, tuna, oatmeal, cottage cheese/non- fat yogurt, chicken, vegetables, tons of water, no pizza, no junk, no cookies. Next week, back to lifting 4x/week, running 3x/week. Should be back to full strength.

I’ve been feeling pretty happy, focused, energize lately.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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