How to Drink More Water Everyday

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FITNESS TIP OF THE DAY: I used to hate water, as in 3-4 years ago – the taste, everything about. Since I started Arnold’s Bodybuilding program (together with Body For Life) 3 years ago, I drink water all day long. And I take potty breaks…all day long.

Now, I actually really enjoy the taste of water, no joke!

I think drinking water has helped me stay young, make my skin look better, lose weight and clean out my system. I drink tap water and buy bottled water as well. I carry a big bottle of water wherever I go. If you know me, you know it’s true.

You may think you drink enough water, but by the amount of times I see people drinking anything but water, I wonder if you drink enough.

This may help: How to Drink More Water Everyday.

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