Wise Decision

Welcome back. You belong here.

Wisdom says I should finish my Talbot paper, do laundry and pick up our children at school. What I want to be doing is support the L.A. Immigration rallies.

I am staying home, watching it on TV. I think that’s the wisest decision today.

This is a very important issue for me, I have been an immigrant in this country my whole life, became a U.S. Citizen last month, and will never forget the path that got me here. I support Bush’s immigration plan.

Wherever your stance, let’s seek unity and understanding, especially as followers of Jesus, we need to know the issues and seek a resolution. Don’t divide, unite.


• Workers in the United States illegally join a temporary labor program.

• Those now-illegal immigrants then can apply for permanent residence but get no preferential consideration.

• Employers hiring these workers must show they cannot find U.S. laborers to fill their jobs.

• These undocumented workers get guaranteed wage and employment rights.

• These workers receive a temporary three-year visa, renewable once. They are expected to return to their countries of birth once their visas expire.

• Congress is urged to increase current annual limit of 140,000 “Green Cards.”.

• The Department of Homeland Security is to administer the program.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


6 thoughts on “Wise Decision”

  1. Good to be wise and do your chores and be with your kids at home. I went to the rally in dowtown Los Angeles; took the green line to the blue line, marched from Olympic and Broadway to City Hall. Then walked to Union Station: red line to blue to green, drove home from Norwalk. I took some pictures that I posted here: < HREF="http://leviticustwentyfour22.blogspot.com/" REL="nofollow">http://leviticustwentyfour22.blogspot.com/<>I’ll post more about it later. My family immigrated to this country in 1647. I marched for them, for yours and all the other friends, brother and sisters who have immigrated since then. Be well. Someday we should meet.

  2. I don’t get it. How can you say that these demonstrations are for good? This is not about legal immigration, but illegal. These people are not here legally, therefore, they are breaking the law. How can you support people breaking the law? Aren’t we as Christians supposed to be law supporting, law abiding citizens?What’s the difference between someone here illigally and me going to a store, stealing food, because I really need it to feed my family? They are, essentially, stealing food from legal immigrants and American citizens.I am all for immigration and people coming to America for a better life for their families. I support that 100%! So please don’t think that I’m anti-immigrant.Thank you for letting me comment.

  3. There are more <>extra-legal<> economic activities than immigration waiting for the legal system to catch up. Both capital and labor cross borders all the time for the benefit of those with the capital and the authority to make the laws work for them. We all benefit when the legal system catches up with reality and there is a sense of fairness and justice. There are few topics in the Bible as clear as God’s view of how we are to treat migrants. Christians are to be law abiding when the legal system supports righteousness as God sees it. Don’t get too wrapped up in Romans 13 without comparing it to Revelation 13. Don’t take advantage of the poor just because you can.

  4. This is a nation of immigrants, legal and illegal. We have to find a way to help people live better lives. Immigrants make our lives better, we should help them do the same. Them being illegal is something to deal with, but most immigrants don’t want to break the law, they see it as a means of survival not of getting away with evil. We need to help not cast out.davidT

  5. Hi David! Its been a while…I spoke with Sonia and was reminded of your blog so I came to visit. I would like to comment on the immigration issue. First of all and more importantly, we are a nation of illegals. Anglo’s seem to forget that, conveniently. But the issue is not that important. What is important is the illegal war going on, thousands of Americans killed and wounded, hundreds of thousands Iraqi’s killed and wounded. and we Americans just stand by and let this Crazy, Lying, Self-Serving President get away with it. He and his administration have brilliantly distracted Americans from this war and made you look at the issue of illegal immigration. Illegal immigration impacts 4 maybe 5 states in the union.. so why are we as a nation involved. Our site should be on this illegal war. After 9/11 it was our responsibility to locate, arrest and hold responsible those who committed this crime against us. Saddam is not a good man, but he was not the reason for 9/11. We knew it then, we know it now and we still think that illegal immigration is more important??? My apologies for this but the “Jesus/Christian Freaks” of our nation should wake up and see the evil that they have helped put into the White House, the most powerful office in the world. They should be ashamed of their continued support of this Evil Man. Saddam, Hitler, Somoza all EVIL self-serving men. I found this statistic which I find interesting: “Only 68 of 200 Anglican priests polled could name all Ten Commandments, but half said they believed in space aliens.” Pretty scary huh! Wake up America! Bush is not a one to follow for he is not a follower of Christ, he is a follower of $, Capitalism, Greed. Leave the illegals alone. Remember that the greater the masses the more powerful the nation. And the “illegals” are CHRISTIANS. How ironic. Keep your eye on the Prize, love our God, love our brothern. Remember Exodus 20.13 Minna

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