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#228 What to Do If You’re Tired of Waiting on God

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#152 How to Give God to Others

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Welcome back. You belong here.

Everyone has a friend, a relative, a co-worker that needs God in their lives, their marriage needs help, their children are in crisis, their mental health is not what they hope for.

But you may feel ill-equipped, you think you don’t know enough or you’re afraid of coming across as arrogant or better than them. Continue reading #152 How to Give God to Others

Just in the Nick of Time [POST] by davidTrig

idioms-45-728Welcome back. You belong here.

Often we wonder, does God know the trouble I’m in? Does He know I need something and I need it now? I’m not sure I can wait any longer.

GOD will deliver you just at the right time, He will bring the deliverance and freedom you need when you least expect it, even if you can’t see how. 

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#02 What I Learned About Love While at a Bail Hearing #GO! #GOZO!


Generosity at a Bail Hearing – Trig discusses learning how to be generous while at a bail hearing!

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Hello everyone this is Trig coming to you live on this day, Wednesday, Jan 29th, 2013

I’m going to take this time to tell you about the JOY found in Jesus Christ
#GO, #GOing, #GOZO (Joy) these are the things we’re talking about in this “Podcast of Joy”

Feeling anxious, depressed, weather got you down?
Let’s talk about it
Let’s think about what God is doing in our lives

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Today’s Theme: Injustice!

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Most of all, stay encouraged, be filled with God!
See you next time! GO! GOZO! GRACE! In Jesus’ Name!