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#223 How to Beat the Odds in 2018

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In this Episode: Why People Give up on Resolutions and How to Beat the Odds! The stats are that 80% of people give up on their resolutions within 2 weeks. The #1 reason is: loneliness and isolation. How do we overcome these obstacles?

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#94 Lambo Goal – A Template for Your 2016 Goals [PODCAST]



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Welcome to the 1st  episode of the Lambo Goal Podcast of 2016!

What is the Lambo Goal podcast?
Gil and I are two entrepreneurs with a soul. Gil’s business is in real estate and medical supplies, I have a media and anxiety company. Together we record a weekly podcast to share our stories with you and to encourage creatives, healers and leaders on their own business ventures.

Todays’ episode – A Template To Make Your Own 2016 Goals.

We all have goals and dreams for a new year, but often they’re not organized or if they are, they may lack the spiritual or personal aspect, mostly focusing on professional or career goals.

In this episode of the Lambo Goal, Gil and I talk about our 2016 goals to give you a template on how to organize your business and entrepreneurial goals for 2016.

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What Would You Do For $10 Million Dollars? by davidTrig

Jack-WarnerWelcome back. You belong here.

What would you do for $10 million dollars. Take the poll:

In a recent survey done by the University of Utah it was found that:

“twenty-five percent of people would abandon their families, 23 percent would become a prostitute for a week, and 7 percent would kill a stranger.” Kill a stranger? Wow.

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#85 It’s Time to Develop New Habits in 2016 [PODCAST]


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You’re shopping for toys for the children, thinking of what special food to make, getting the house ready for Christmas. But about you? What about your plans to have a stronger marriage, a healthier lifestyle, lose weight and have a better job.

We want new things in 2016, but often we bring the same old habits into 2016. It’s time for some new habits.

In this podcast, I talk about the Three Steps to a Blueprint of JOY in 2016. These are true and tried components to living a life of joy and stop being angry at yourself, your loved ones or your boss.

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#81 Five Reasons to Say NO To Working Out in January [PODCAST]


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Ever hear people say, “I’ll start working out in January”, I’ll take December off and start strong in the New Year – do you think those people win or lose?

A friend of mine recently said, I tell people to start working out in December and they tell me I’m crazy. I tell them, I’m either crazy or I am brilliant, if I can help you lose weight during the holidays imagine what you can do the rest of the year!

In this podcast, I go over Five Reasons Why You Need to Say NO to January. These are true and tried reasons why your mind will fight you the longer you postpone your goals, whether it’s in fitness, business, ministry, love or life in general.

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