#201 A Five-Step Blueprint to No More Anxiety

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Theme: A Five-Step Blueprint to No More Anxiety

In this Episode: When people deal with anxiety what they want most is fast relief. But focusing on time versus trust is the worst thing you can. Instead focus on Trusting God and getting the help that you need. This is how you will find grace through anxiety and get back to living on #GOZOstreet!

In this episode of the #trigpodcastofJOY! I go over five steps to develop a No More Anxiety Blueprint. These are the steps I’ve used to become a person of GOZO and overcome my own fear, anxiety and guilt.

5 Steps – No More Anxiety Blueprint

#1 Think of Trust not Time
#2 Turn to God
#3 Stay in the Moment
#4 Seek an Intentional Community
#5 Engage your GOZO

1. See a coach or mentor
2. Use Psalm 27 every morning
3. Tell yourself “It’s just a feeling”



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