#187 Stop Thinking About Time and Instead Focus on Your Dreams [POST]

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Welcome back. You belong here,

When you’re in a season of waiting, the worst thing you can do is ask yourself – when will this ever end?

Thinking about time is a waste of your energy, time is the devil, it will kill, steal and destroy your ability to get through your current problem.

Even though your  brain wants to know, when will this end, what you need is to focus on your joy, your wants, what you actually need from life. For example, if you’re dealing with depression, stop thinking about when will it end, and focus on your happiness.

If  you’re dealign with loneliness, stop asking when will I feel happy again and focus on getting a fresh haircut and a new pair of shoes. 

Time is the devil.

The more you focus on time, the more it will destroy you, instead give your attention over to God, to His love for you and your passions and dreams.

This is what will make “time pass by more quickly”. As the Bible says, those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, they will rise up with wings as eagles.

My prayer for you today is that you will let go of time and focus on your future, this is what living a life of #GOZO! Is all about.

Into the future!

Your #GOZOfriend,

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