#154 Five New Things Coming Up For The Trig Podcast of JOY

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Welcome back. You belong here.

Here are the FIVE NEW things coming up for the Trig Podcast of JOY

#1 The Trig Podcast of JOY is moving to a weekend show called “A Weekend of JOY with David Trig”, so instead of delivering this show daily, the show will now be on the weekends. This is in order to reach the most people and to streamline my content.

#2 The show will also be moving to Facebook LIVE, YouTube and Instagram but don’t worry, I will continue to send out emails and the show will still be in iTunes. Currently, podcasting is popular, but most people are enjoying video, images, emails, so I’m trying different methods to reach people and bring others more #GOZO!

#3 The show will become more interactive. Currently, the show is me talking to you but we’re now going to open LIVE communication on Facebook, through email and phone.

You can now reach me by emailing me at trig@davidtrig.com, call me toll free at  1-855-741-8376 or join me live on Facebook and Instagram. This is in order to help me answer your questions on life, high performance, mental health and finding joy in every day life.

#4 The show will be a combination of daily devotions and high performance talks. That’s what I believe people need, what I love to talk about and what I hope will encourage you to live on #GOZO! Street, move out of Failure Street and start living la Vida GOZO!

#5 The show will now be BILINGUAL. Some episodes will be in Spanish, the reason is because our future is bilingual and trilingual and multi-ethnic and so even though I only speak 2 languages (I wish I also spoke Chinese or Korean), the show will reach a wider, bilingual audience.

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GOZO means JOY in Spanish – Psalm 30:6