#134 Dr. Ana Jimenez – Why I Love Children and the Arts

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Dr. Ana Jimenez (PhD, Psychology and Music Therapy from USC), is the Executive Director of the Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center.

On the show, Dr. Jimenez talks about how to help children succeed in school through music and art. She also talks openly about losing her parents, why she loves children with disabilities and how she grounds herself while serving in the non-profit world.

What impressed me most about my time with Dr. Jimenez was her knowledge combined with a very tender heart for God and children, she was a true inspiration. 

“When my father passed, I wanted to make that dream a reality, I did it with my heart knowing that he would see me [graduate with my PhD]. He was a philanthropist, he was a great role model and mentor for me, I’ll never forget what he did.”

“And once he had money, he would share it with the poor, with children with disabilities, he really was my hero, I decided to start a non-profit organization to help children just to help our society and prevent what happened to my parents, they were my inspiration.”

Enjoy this wonderful interview and be sure to visit Dr. Jimenez’ website at the links below.

Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center

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