#129 Jasmine Castellanos – How I Combine Faith, Career and Advocacy as a Millenial [PODCAST]

Jasmine Castellanos, BS Psychology, UCI and Training Coordinator at OC’s Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center

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Welcome back. You belong here.

We continue with a brand NEW series called “What Do You Mean”, asking 10 world changing millennials about their opinion on love, mental health, faith and money.

Today, Jasmine Castellanos, BS Psychology from UCI and Training Coordinator at OC Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center talks about how she combines her faith with science and mental health. 

In this insightful interview, Jasmine also talks about what it’s like for millennials today to find love, balance work with fun and who helped her deepen her faith (you’ll be surprised by her answer!).

Jasmine says,

“When I went into college I wanted to be an engineer, and then I switched my major to art, but I felt it was very selfish in a sense. Then I started taking psychology classes, and then I had a mentor, she was a Latina professor, she inspired me to become a psychology major. I thought she’s a Latina with a PhD, she’s so cool, so personable, I love this person and I want to be just like her. That’s how I got into the major and I’ve always loved to help people, I like helping people feel better, just to be there with them along the ride.”

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