#120 How My Near Death Experience Gave Me Spiritual Power [PODCAST]

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Welcome back. You belong here.

At age 18 my appendix burst and I was hours away from dying. Now I have a 10 inch scar to remind me daily of the grace and power of God and how he raised me for a purpose and how he can do the same thing in you!

During that time, things got so bad, my mom went out and knelt on the bathroom floor to plead for my life, she tells me she believed I was hours away from dying. Wow.

After that prayer, two women (angels?) came to my room and prayed for my healing and on that day I felt a peace and power I will never forget.

Days later, I was walking out of that hospital room and in 9-10 months I was lifting weights and running 5K’s. Glory to God!

So today, April 18th, on my 47th birthday, I feel fully alive not to focus on myself or how blessed my life is, which it is, but on the power of God to heal and save the lost, the sick, the blind and the desperate.

For this purpose God rescued me and didn’t let Satan kill me (not the first time he tried), but he lifted me up to speak and sing and tell others of his great love and power and He can do the same in you!

If something has died or near died inside of you, a dream, someone you loved, a job — God will lift you up! Believe!

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Your #GOZO! friend,


GOZO means JOY in Spanish (Psalm 30:6)

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