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#19 The History Behind GOZO. What does GOZO mean? #GO! #GOZO!

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PodcastPHOTOWhere does GOZO come from? What does it mean?

GOZO means Joy in Spanish and I use the letters ACL to describe how to have joy in life:
1. Adventure – remember you are created to live a life of risk and adventure
2. Crisis – see crisis as an opportunity to be vulnuerable and live by grace
3. Love – remember you are God’s beloved and made to love others
Feeling anxious, depressed, weather got you down, you car wont’ start, looking at your wallet, wondering where it’s all gonna come from? Don’t worry! Let’s think about what God is doing in our lives! I’m going to take this time to tell you about the JOY of God #GO, #GOing, #GOZO (Joy) these are the things we’re talking about #TrigPodcastofJoy
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