Chapter 3 – “I Want my Wings, Beer, Sports and I Want Them Now!” by davidTrig


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Excerpts from the book I’m writing: Every day Grace: From Anxious Freak to Fearless Lover by davidTrig

I want my wings and I want them now!

That was my attitude a few nights ago when after a day of giving to others I was ready to have it be about me. “It’s my time!” I thought.

A few friends and I had just gotten done putting together a great event, many people were touched, people were grateful, it was a great night. Now it was time to go get some food, enjoy being together and take a break.

But Mark needed a ride.

A ride far, far away to another part of town. I thought to myself, “Come on man, can’t you get your own ride, it’s time for my friends and I to have fun!” Instead, my friend said to us “why don’t you guys go ahead, I’m gonna give Mark a ride, I’ll meet you there.” Again, I thought, “Ah man! I wanted to hang out, can’t Mark get his own ride?!”

Mark has been trying to put his life back together, he lives with his mom and sister in a difficult part of town but he’s working hard to do the right thing. He’s been homeless, nearly killed but recently he spent a whole year at a center putting his life back together. Mark’s on the right path.

But that night, I was thinking only about myself while my friend was thinking about Mark. I wanted wings, beer and sports while he wanted to help someone in need.

After about 30mns, my friend finally showed up. I thought “About time! Let’s eat!” We ate, had a great time and then it was time to pay. I looked down for my wallet but couldn’t find it, I had left it in my other car back home. I felt horrible.

You know that feeling when everyone’s eyes are on you and you begin to sweat. That was me.

And then guess what happened next? Yeap, my friend took out his wallet and paid for my bill. The same guy who gave Mark a ride, was now showing me the same kind of  love he showed Mark.

I got home and thought to myself, “that was really interesting.” Here I was wanting Mark to get his own ride so I could enjoy my evening, but when I was the one in need, I wanted someone to bail me out.

It’s easier to take than to give.

Who do you want to be? The selfish person who’s thinking of wings, beer and sports? Or the person who puts her/his life on hold, to help not one, but two friends in need?

Want to be a kind and generous person this weekend? The opportunities are all around us, we just have to stop and think of others. You never know, one day that person, could very well be you.

Thanks for being here,


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