Chapter 2 – Part 2 – “Laundry on Sundays” excerpts from “Every Day Grace: From Anxious Freak to Fearless Lover”, by david Trig


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These are exerpts from a book I’m writing called “Every Day Grace: From Anxious Freak to Fearless Lover”. By david Trig

You can read excerpts from Chapter 1 here
You can read excerpts from Chapter 2 here

I’ve let much of that go. I learned a lot from the situation while acknowledging that much of what happened was just plane wrong. The experience left a bad taste in my mouth and I once again resolved to never go back to church. And for two years I didn’t. But God had other plans.


I walked into church wondering what would happen. Would I feel something? Would I leave in the middle of the first song? As the band struck the first note, I had all those feelings running through my head, but instead of my usual bitterness and cynicism, I felt understood. After a few songs, a video which included the song “God Bless America” and some over the top announcements, the speaker finally got up to preach.

He talked about times when you feel you’re in the middle of a desert, times when you realize you’re blind and you have no idea which way to go. That’s exactly where I was at.

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