Humble Pie

Hello friends,

This week I have felt weak and strong but I’ve been eating humble pie. Weak, because I don’t have a job, the one I had was not a great fit and so we parted ways. Strong because I know myself better than ever, trusting God is with me and in time things will turn around.

Yesterday we gave away our dog Lucy or Daisy, whom I considered my first dog even though we have Jack but he’s not really my dog. Daisy was not my dog either, she was Isabela’s dog our 12 year old girl, but I loved Lucy/Daisy like my own. I miss her, but she was being too aggressive with our other dog and small children. Nothing crazy, and she was just a puppy, but it happened.

My wife is hoping to teach 1st instead of 5th grade, nothing firm yet, so a lot is going on.

My EP is coming along, working on my vocals which has been tough. I haven’t sung in over 2 years so my vocal chops are pretty rusty but I’m slowly getting them back.

Thank you for being here.image

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