Life of Pi, Religion and Suffering in the World

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I’m writing a paper on “Film, Religion and the problem of Evil in the World”, quick and easy topic I know. I’m not done with it yet, but the main idea I’m working from is that when evil happens in the world, whether personal tragedy, natural disasters, terrorism or just down right evil people doing evil things we all have a narrative we tend to go to.

For atheists, it’s proof that God does not exist, for agnostics it’s more reason to know we can’t know, for Christians it’s a time to take refuge or say God is still good even though we don’t know how. For the non-religious it can a time of confusion, for the secular it can be further reason to leave the faith of their childhood. For most of us, it can be all of the above!

I enjoyed the “Life of Pi” did any of you watch it?

One of my classmates recently pointed out to me that in the movie the young man who is stranded at sea asks the question at the end “so which story do you prefer?” (remember that?). The young writer says to him “the one about the tiger”. My friend said, “we are all looking for the transcendent in life”. 

It’s so true, when given the choice to live a normal life, a life without mystery and hope versus a life with tigers, survival, hope and the divine, we choose the latter.

My desire is to live a life that counts for beauty and hope, a life where mystery and transcendence is welcomed, a life of faith and spirit. Life can be too painful to live it under the sun, this in no way is an escape, but a longing of our hearts to live for something more than ourselves. 

How are you living your life today? What tigers are reminding you that life is more than what you see in front of you each day?

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