Top 10 Events 2009

Welcome back, you belong here,

My Top 10 Events in 2009:

1. Started working out again (1month ago)
2. Went back to counseling (also 1 month ago)
3. Celebrated 14y of marriage with my wife
4. Near completed year2 (in March) post move to CO
5. Turned 40 (ouch, that one hurt)
6. Dealt with ear infection, dizzyness, MRI for 5weeks (better now)
7. Went snowboarding for 1st x (in CO of course)
8. Joined immigration reform interfaith group, held vigils and peaceful protests outside detention center
9. Mobilized 30 Latino parents to speak against closing of their school
10. Had open house Thanksgiving event at our house, 20 people came

Ok, a few more…

1. Took 10ppl Christmas caroling in Old Town
2. Helped organize help for children at our school – 30 coats, 30 food boxes through Angel Food and 10 families through Shining Star
3. Saw six co workers lose their jobs
4. Went to monastary in Big Sur, CA with friends for spiritual retreat
5. Worked to resolve issues with co worker
6. Talked about my job with executive team

It was a great year, tough at xs, but good nonetheless. Gods grace surrounded me.

Into the future,


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