You Are Them

Welcome back. You belong here.

An email I wrote to my two best friends:

“Dear friends,

Earlier today I was reading a couple of emails from my father in law’s good friend John. John and Dennis have been friends for 50+ years of friendship, ministry, life, marriage, etc. John is a pastor, author and more recently the director of

Today’s email was written by John to Dennis (dad), and it was about Christmas Day golf. John wrote of how every year on Christmas Day he golfs 9 holes while his wife is home making dinner. They live in Scottsdale, AZ, dad of course lives here in Cypress. The email was funny, witty, with a familiarity and comfort that only comes from years and years of genuine friendship.

Earlier, John wrote another email, inviting dad to some November golfing/resort/hang-out/with friends, wives and families. They’re planning ahead.

As I read the emails, I wondered who are my friends? Who will be the friends I will write emails to in my 60’s regarding golf on Christmas and November hang-outs in 2010. It didn’t take me long to realize you are them.

What we’ve experienced as we hit our 40’s (yeah you’re still in his 30’s but he’ll catch up), is priceless. We have experienced ministry up’s and down’s, marriage, crisis, moving, I went to CO, you to Francis Valley and back, and you, well, you’re just better than us, you’re still there.

It’s a little different keeping up with our friendships now, things have changed, but our love remains the same. Our admiration of each other, how we refine each other, how we’ve been there for one another doesn’t seem to change and I doubt it ever will.

We may never “do ministry” together again, but I think we’re moving onto something better, what some call doing life together. I don’t really know what that looks like and I don’t even like the phrase, but one thing I know is that whatever life we each have remaining on this blue planet, I want to spend it with you guys.”

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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