It Happened Around 1:30pm

Welcome back. You belong here.

So it happened around 1:30pm on the first day of our move to Colorado. It hit me as our four year old broke down in tears, seat belt on, his little Cars shoes on, wearing his “cool pants”, surrounded by what seemed to be our whole garage in the back of our Volvo Wagon saying, “I want to go home.”

And so I broke down. What little David sees in his head as “home” will never be. What he feels in his mind as the comfort of his room, the sound of his fan as he sleeps and the peace of his family in the kitchen will never be.

We are moving to Colorado. We are not going back home. Everyone misses their house.

It hit me even more as our nine year old who sat next to David also began to cry as I imagined her saying, “I know David, I also want to go home, I’m sorry David.”

We’re all just tired from what little David called, “driving for ten days.” Yes, driving from Long Beach, CA to Denver, CO feels like ten days. And being up since 4am on three hours of sleep doesn’t’ help either.

Things are better now. M&M’s and naps seem to help everyone. It is true we will not be going home any time soon, but what awaits us will soon become home again.

There may be more tears along the way, more arid Arizona mountains and more hours left in the car. But I have a feeling that just like sweets and naps have a way to help things through, Colorado and our new life will too.

Have a great day,

Into the future,


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