Down the Street

Welcome back. You belong here.

Down the street there is a family, they have three children. Our little boy rode bikes together with them this morning (nice sunny day) and so I joined in on my bike as well. Not a family I would normally hang out with, but trying to break through my stereotypes.

Things that are different here:

1. Colorado Tan (store down the street)…is there such a thing as a Colorado Tan?
2. Cold all day long (25F). Yes, it’s also sunny and we like that, but I’m getting tired of putting jackets on/off/on/off/on/off. I’m thinking of just sleeping in my jacket tonight.
3. Churches everywhere. Wow, I counted about 20 from school to home today. Some even meet inside other churches. My friend told me that “even the snow is Christian in Colorado”, maybe he’s right.
4. Making a difference. There are plenty of people here that have no faith, no sense of God. I met many of them at the YMCA this morning while working out, at the Juice Stop, at Big 5, children’s school, at Office Max. Both Rachelle and I have had many opps to talk about God and serve people.

One example was Rosa at the children’s school EL Foster, a bilingual inner city school. She spoke no English and was trying to register her boy in preK. Rachelle busted our here Spanish skills to Rosa’s huge surprise and helped her out, we hung out in the parking lot for 10-15mns. Good stuff.

So far, this has been an amazing experience for us all. Lots of grace, lots of redemption, lots of dreams coming true. It’s almost too good to be true. I want to blow it all up and self-inflict pain.

Today a friend told me, “don’t dump on your own parade, it’ll soon dump plenty on you without your help.” After being in a blowing up mode for the last few years, it’s hard to accept grace. Jonah (Jonah 4) had a hard time with it as well, remember the worm? I am that worm, just want to eat a good thing away and destroy it instead of enjoying it.

Better go and just enjoy this beautiful day.

Have a great day,

Into the future,


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