This Week’s Roundup

Welcome back. You belong here.

Here’s my weekly update:

1. I’ve had a few sleepless nights, some anxiety this week, but not bad, and much better than say last month. It reminds me that I’m still working through anxiety/concussion issues but making good progress. God is with me.

2. Lifting going well, the protein I’m taking (ProComplex) works for me, giving me a more firm look. I just got back from a 30mn. run, very good. Abs next, then chest and back this PM. I lifted 4x for the first time in two months last week, plus my regular 3-4x running and abs 3-4x and eating plan every day. This week, I lifted 3x and ran 3x and abs 3x. Good maintenance week. My mark is to lift 4x/week every week and run about 3-4x every week. I’m slowly getting back to top shape.

3. Good Friday, Artist Retreat planning in high gear. March 17-19th we’ll take 40 or so of our artists – musicians, graphic designers, photography, dancers, etc. to the mountains for a time of community, small groups and creativity. Our theme is “Artists in Community” around 1 Cor. 12. We’ll explore issues of artists in ministry, the spiritual disciplines of the artist and working in teams. Good Friday is going well, we’re doing the 8 stations (or 7 for some) of the cross. The night will include music, dance and monologues. All of our bands, choir and orchestra and soloists will be involved. I’m co-directing the evening. Very moving songs and moments along the way.

4. My wife and I need a date soon! I miss her. We’ve missed the last 2-3 weeks due to illness and meetings, and this Monday night, our baby sitting cancelled. We also need a 2-3 night mini-getaway. We go on dates every other Monday nights. Our daily conversations and prayer time is going well.

5. Counseling going well. For the last 5 weeks I’ve been going to counseling. Lately we’ve been talking about Safe v. Real. I’m realizing sometimes I’m not real and can play the ‘fake card’ when I feel unsafe. Mostly this happens in work environments. I feel an ‘a-ha’ moment forming in the heavens and ready to soon open up into greater impact in the Kingdom.

6. Children are a joy, but sometimes I need a break. Today, our 7 year old is taking the train with her grandparents just for fun. They came this morning and took her for the day. I feel like a super proud father, seeing our little girl in the back of their car, driving away to do a ‘big-girl’ trip, and without her brother and sister. Big stuff. I feel a little sad, but mostly very excited for her. Last night, I didn’t feel very fatherly, but I still read to little David for 20mns. Sometimes, I don’t want to do the night time routine for the 10th time in 7 days!

* * *

PAUSE: What am I supposed to do with my life? Oh yes….the eternal question. I think worship and the global Kingdom of God has something to do with it.

* * *

7. BIOLA speaking went well. I was guest speaker at BIOLA’s “Major in Worship” this week through my contact Jeff Urke who is the director of the program. I got to meet the legendary Music Program director, Dr. Barry Liesch (some of you may know him). That was very fun. I hope they invite me back. My class at Talbot (MA Theology) is going well (Contemporary Theology). Gotta catch up on my reading.

8. Listening to these days:
1. Crowder, “Collission”
2. Mute Math, “Chaos”
3. Sting, “Sacred Love” – he’s amazing
4. Rolling Stone Podcast, interview with Bono
5. Verbum Domini Podcast, daily readings from the Catholic Church
6. Francis Chan, Cornerstone podcast, he’s going through Haggai, and on buying a Kmart for their building expansion project

9. Feeling today: Sleepy, eager for tomorrow to come. I love Sundays…

10. Oh yes, and today is my abuelita’s 70th birthday. I looked at some of her pictures this morning, spent time in what used to be her room and closet, cried some. I’m thinking of her today with sadness, I miss her. She died a year ago Jan. 3rd.

Have a great day,

Into the future,


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Glen says:

    Took music theory from Barry in 1970s. He’s legendary now? It was a hard class.

    Good post.

  2. Glen says:

    Your father-in-law spoke at Calvary this morning. This is the first time I have connected the two of you (unless I had realized that before and forgotten it). I told him that you and shared a hobby–blogging. Sounds like he enjoyed the day with his granddaughter yesterday.

  3. Bill Dahl says:

    You live the Poirpoise Diving Life man!

    Visit my site at and perhaps you might be motivated to consider writing something we could post that would encourage others.

    Bless you


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