My Situation Causes Anxiety

Welcome back. You belong here.

My concussion causes me anxiety which caused a panic attack yesterday. Cold sweat, dizziness, like I was going to pass out, and that was in the middle of leading worship!

I didn’t sleep well the last two nights, tossing and turning worrying, anxious. I worry about my concussion, that it’s not all better. Yet the doctors have told me this takes time, that I have to rest, that I’m fine, but I still worry.

The worry then causes my body to react in anxiety and panic, my heart rate goes up and I feel jittery and nervous inside. Then it goes away, usually when I see our little children laugh and my mind is on something else.

Last night I kept worrying about my arms feeling numb. I must have slept on them wrong, but I kept worrying it’s the concussion affecting me. Concussion leads to anxiety which is caused by the concussion. This is called post-concussion syndrome. I’m dealing with it. Add to that the 1 year anniversary of my abuelita’s death and it’s been a rough last few months.

I’ve been here before. A year after my father died my body fell apart. I was on anti-depressants for 6 months, then I started my exercise and eating program (Body-for-Life). I had pain in my jaw, colon, stomach, just about everywhere and had a lot of tests done. My body was reacting to the grief and loss of my father whom I loved with my whole life.

And now I’m in a similar place yet, I feel I’m better. I’m trying to tell myself the right things, praying and trusting God, listening to the doctor’s advice, yet I still get anxious. The doctor said to take breaks every 30 mns. to rest, to give this time, to fit it into my life, and things will get better. I guess I’m not resting enough, Sunday certainly wasn’t restful. I knew I should have taken it off.

God is faithful, my heart is on Him, my family is near, it seems like all will be well, I just have to rest, give this time and stop worrying. Easier said than done.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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