I Relate to Sharon’s Journey

Welcome back. You belong here.

The journey Sharon has been on is so similar to what my abuelita endured a year ago. The whole thing is so real to me. I feel I am going through this again, I can relate to every detail – the sedation, the waiting to come out of the induced comma, looking for any sign of brain activity, the massive stroke 9 days ago, the agony his sons are feeling playing classical music and begging, wishing him to awaken. I know the feeling, it’s agonizing.

My grandmother was in a comma for 10 days, we reduced the sedatives on day 6 or 7 and for the next 3-4 days waited to see any sigs of brain activity, movement, etc. Nothing, she never woke up. Finally, we took her off the respirator and she died 15 mns. later surrounded by myself and all her children. It was the most difficult few minutes of my life, yet the peace of God was in the room.

I remember the doctor in turn (a new doctor, not our regular surgeon) struggling to get out the way as he he took the tubes and equipment off abuelita. He felt horrible and apologetic to be ‘in the way’ trying to do his job while we cried and grieved. It was a light moment amidst such tragedy.

As you read Sharon’s journey, remember he’s a real human being with a family that must feel terrible. And then to hear Pat Robertson’s comments (and apology) the other day, I can’t believe it. From a human point of view it’s painful much less from a Christian perspective. I hope he recovers as best as possible from this dark place.

UPDATE: Went to my regular doctor yesterday, no break in the scalp, it’s a concussion. The dizzyness and lack of focus ‘cobwebs’ are all part of it. He said no medicine is needed or exams, he checked my head and he said I should be fine, it just takes time. I need to take breaks throughout the day when I feel tired which I sometimes feel. He said it may take up to 6 months to fully recover, but I will recover and be just fine. Today I feel dizzy, out of it, so did yesterday, two days ago I felt great. It’s up and down, but things are getting better, I just need rest and time. He said I can keep lifting and exercising, I just have to do it when I feel strong. Thanks for praying.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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