[BLOG POST] Fall Leaves

The young boys going up and down the sidewalk on their scooters, their helmets tightly fastened as mom surely said, all remind me that Fall is here.

The memories of a terrible summer now clearly behind us, we look forward to the sounds of acoustic guitars, flutes and laughter all around.

The afternoon wind, makes my hummingbird chime fly like fall leaves on a morning walk. The mid-morning smells of Mint and Tea candles fill my mind with memories of last year’s fall.

And my heart swells with joy.

Soon, the house will be filled with memories and cheer, pictures of Christmas’ past and little children that make my teary eyes say, where have the years gone.

Will someone stop this train?

But as midday approaches I revel in the fact that soon our teens will be home, our girl will be back from college, our teens are finally up after an exciting Friday game under the lights.

My wife will soon put up decorations of pumpkins and pies, baking and scents that fill my heart with more than any man could ever long for.

Love is here.
Love is here to stay.