Our Current Mission: TBA

Listening to: Sting “Shape of My Heart”

My wife and I went on a date earlier today. We went to some of our favorite spots, ate at a nice restaurant, just spent time together. We reflected on our last year. It’s been quite a year (we say that every year!). 

The thing we both realized is that we’ve had a more introspective year versus one of mission. We’ve done things, but we can tell that doing has not being the focus but being.

Being together, being with God, being one, being still. With everything changing around us, our surroundings, new jobs, new comutes, our new/old neighborhood, our mission has been to hold on to God and each other. 

Maybe mission has been too self-focused in the past, something we did because we had strength. Instead, it seems I’m learning to serve out of a place of being centered. Really, we’ve had no other choice but to be still. It’s tough to move when you’re stuck.

Now a year later post-move, we feel God is saying, keep hanging on to me. Of course this never ends, but you get my point. He’s also saying, take care of your body, pursue life-giving relationships, environments and keep seeking my heart.

In time, the doing will come.

I might get ansie and want to accomplish great things for God. After all, that’s what I’ve always done. Instead, God keeps drawing me at this time into a deeper place in himself. It’s not easy, it feels so slow, like surgery on your heart. But again, I’ve had no other choice but to say yes to God. So I do every day.

At the end of our date we prayed. We went to another favorite spot (near the airport, lots of memories there) and once again said to God “thank you for walking with us this past year, we love you”. That was it. No promise to do, get going on this or that (that will come in due time), just a time of sitting together with God. It was normal but amazing.

Are you wanting to do more things for God? 

Wondering why things seem so quiet?

Concerned you should be doing more for others or yourself?

Try to stay focused on God, on his love for you, his desire to have relationship with you. You’re not losing your mind, or your mojo for the mission of God, for others, for who you are. God seems to use these times to build skills and the right heart we need for the next assignment.

Let him in, let him do it, eat with him, talk to Jesus and listen to what he has to say. 

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