I Wish I Was Stronger

That’s the title of my latest song rattling around in my head. It comes from a place of, well, wishing I was stronger, faster, younger, better.

It’s a bit of a sad song, not sure it’s going to stay sad or if it will have a happy ending. I’m not really into happy endings when I write, but sometimes I feel pressure (not sure from whom) to end my songs up.

It’s not good to live thinking you should be better at things. Yes, it’s good to push yourself, but it’s more important to accept yourself, the good and the bad and to move forward from there, to live out your dreams, to give yourself away.

I’ve yet to put meat to the song, not sure what it’ll say. I’ll let you know when I record it and put it up on basecamp or soundcloud, here or E) All of the above.

grace to you,


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