Focusing Our Schedule

Welcome back. You belong here.

A challenge our family is facing is to focus our schedules around the things we value. Currently, we’ve got a lot of social justice, volunteering at school and family life things going and something has to go.

Tonight, we went to an immigration/detention center visitation planning meeting. We love taking our children to these events to keep them involved and explain to them why we do what we do, but we got home at 9pm, skipped baths and ate dinner in the car.

While we met, the children had to watch a movie and have one too many sugar cookies. Not a good sustainable set-up for them or us. It takes 30mns to get to the meeting and 30mns to get home. Eventually this group will expect us to do visitation at a detention center 45mns away, field phone calls and emails. We do this together.

Next week I have another immigration meeting downtown with a different group than the first. This group is just getting off the ground, we don’t know what the expectations are. Currently only I go, as it’s Thursdays at 4pm right as school gets out. Normally these meetings don’t work for me as I work Thursday nights.

We have monthly PTO meetings we lead, last week I led a monthly Café de Padres (Parent’s Coffee) meeting. We both attended. Tomorrow night we are organizing an event at our school where we volunteer. Wednesday night we have normal stuff (David’s basketball practice), Friday and Saturday I’m working a retreat through Saturday night and Sunday is a work day. We all attend the practices and Saturday games.

Monday night, R’ and I have our every 2 weeks date night. Yes!

Both R’ and I need to cut something, we don’t like to do things separately where she stays home while I do an event or vice versa, we value “doing things together”. But we are at a place where we need to make some choices and focus on things we have a passion for and can sustain.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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