Wednesdays, 12-4pm

Welcome back. You belong here.

The other day a friend was telling me he wants to quit his job and try something different. I told him that instead of quitting and trying something new and untested, he should start by talking to his current boss and ask for permission to network with others Wednesdays from 12-4pm. I don’t mean that he’s getting time off to go look for a new job, that’d be a stupid boss!
What I mean is why not make his organization better, by making himself better. And how does he do that? By testing his skills on others.

I recommend he take some time every week, 3-4 hours a week to network, to mentor another company and see how he does. If he does well, every one wins. He feels more confident and like he’s following his dream, the company has a better and happier employee who’s making the company look good with others, and the new people are glad to have an expert in hand.

It’s the Google 20% rule, at Google you can spend 20% of your time on “things you care about.” They find that 100% of their innovation, comes from this 20%. I do this in my current job and many of my “great ideas” come from this 20%.

Win/Win Baby.

Have a great day,

Into the future,


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