Today I Played Outside the Democratic National Convention

Welcome back. You belong here.

I live in Denver, and this week is an amazing week to live here. Today, I played music at Creek Front Park outside the Pepsi Center at the Democratic National Convention. It was a unique experience.

The best part of the day was talking to a person who wanted money. I gave him my lunch and two bottles of water. We also met Chris, a person who needed to know that God could still forgive him, he’s a sex offender.

But more could have been done. I’m still thinking of what that all means. I just know that to do worship songs and pray is not everything, we have to do more.

It’s so amazing to be here. A lot of police and Denver SWAT around, many protesters, the typical anti-abortion trucks with offensive grotesque images and then your average t-shirts with crazy stuff on them like the one with a picture of Obama and Hillary, “Bro’s Before Hoes”

I’m going back this week to serve some more and also hoping to catch Rage Against the Machine at the Denver Coliseum on Wed.

Have a great day,

Into the future,


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