Training Update

Welcome back. You belong here.

So what does it look like for a someone like me who is into fitness, weight training, running, lifting, eating 6 small meals a day, lots of tuna, protein, yogurt, cottage cheese, and no to pizza, cookies, ice cream, etc. etc? What does it look like for me in October?

This is a time of finding a new rhythm. The summer (long summers here in Los Angeles, CA) rhythm is coming to an end. The warm days are almost over, its getting darker earlier, the cooler nights are here to stay, holidays, etc.

Time to start eating, pause on working out, see you in January post-new years’ (man, I’m fat!) resolutions? Not a FAT CHANCE! But change is in order.

Two weeks I lifted 3x/ran 3x, abs 5x, eating at 90%.
Last week, Rachelle had migraines for three straight days, then time change Sunday last week, and I only ran 2-3x, abs 2-3x, eating at 90%. That reminded me up of the change that is coming.

My body has been telling me two things (key, always listen to your body)
1. Lift heavier weights, increase in the # of exercises, move towards bulk in the next few months
2. Work out in the AM’s not in the afternoons or evenings.
3. Conserve energy in light of holiday syndrome is coming (grieving, sadness, some depression, etc.)
4. Eat healthy, no pumpkin pie, holiday baking, etc. I don’t need it.

So my new plan:
1. Time – I will once again work out at 7AM. For the last year I’ve been working out at 4pm or 8pm. I will run in the mornings, lift in the mornings, and be done by 8:30am.
2. Arnold Level 2 Plan. I have been following Dave Draper’s plan for the last year, which is higher rep, lower weights, which has given me more definition. It’s time to go back to Arnold, for bulk, and mass.
3. Eat more good stuff. This means more tuna, more chicken, more brown rice, more veggies, more healthy stuff. This does not mean, more food, it’s more good food – Mexican and pizza are not considered good food.
3. Go hard and be consistent. Through Thanksgving, Christmas, grieving (both my father and second mother died in Decembers). Go hard, don’t look back, be focused.
4. Take a break as needed. Rest 2-3 days a week, enjoy family and friends, sing carols, enjoy a movie with my wife, play cards with the children, go to church.

The sport of weight training requires movement and adjustment, lest you get stuck and stop or become unmotivated and just go through the motions. Never!

That’s the commitment. I start right now.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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