Don’t Eat the Stuff-McDonald’s sued over french fry ingredients

Welcome back. You belong here.

You know by now I’m into fitness and healthy eating. I lift weights, run, do abs, eat tuna, protein, chicken, drink whey protein, eat oatmeal and lots of power bars. Water, at least 10 liters a day.

So when McDonald’s announces that their fries “contain a third more fat than previously known…” most people will say, “I can’t believe it! They should be sued…”

STOP EATING FRENCH FRIES. That will actually help. People that eat the stuff, end up looking like the stuff. I know, not very user-friendly, but remember, I’ve been there. Just two years ago, I was overweight, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, in my mid-30’s.

Get out there and run, eat less fats, eat less cookies and soda, in fact, cut the stuff out 6 days a week, and give yourself 1 “free day.”

Want to get started? Feel overwhelmed? Feel like you can do it? Try (“Body-for-Life”). I found the free day very useful, and working out 6x a week and following their eating plan for a commitment of 12 weeks got me off the ground.


Perhaps you’ve been into fitness and you’ve stopped, you’ve slowed down. Too busy, not motivated, discouraged, I need more time in the day. The time is there, you just need a plan to follow.

Even with a concussion (now going on three months), I’ve kept at it. Yes, I’ve made adaptations, you have to. Right now I lift 2-3x/week instead of 4x/week, run 3x/week versus 5x/week, and do abs 3x/week versus every day. That’s during my concussion and I think I’m almost ready to push again. And my eating, I’ve followed my eating plan 90-91% of the time, versus the usual 97-98% of the time.

In two years these are my stats: 5’11”, Male, mid-30’s

BEFORE (Picture taken ’03, compare to blog picture,’05)

Size 39
Blood pressure – 140/90
Cholesterol – going up (i forget the #’s)
Weight – 225lb.
Muscle tone – none
Chest – none
Arms – none
Back – none
Abs – Uni-Ab : )

AFTER (Current, 2 years in and now a life long commitment):
Size 32-33
Blood pressure – 110/70
Weight – 185lb.
Muscle tone – muscle layer
Chest – nice
Arms – bigger
Back – strong
Abs – tight, close to a 6-pack

You can do it, but you need the motivation. What motivates you? The mirror is a good place to start. Take pictures of yourself, compare it to a few years ago. At first it may be hard, but soon you’ll look back at the progess. Second, get a physical, or ask your doctor about your blood pressure or cholesterol levels. Third, do it for greatness. If you want to be great and better serve in the Kingdom, take care of your body, be healthy, incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your lifestyle. Yes we will still die, but you will develop the character and results of a healthy lifestyle that will make a difference every day.

So what’s your reason for not getting started? What are your obstacles?

How much will it cost?
How much time will it take?
What sacrifices will I have to make?

Good questions, I can help. For me, fitness and healthy eating are things I live with, it’s a part of my life. The power bar in my pocket, the string cheese in my bag, the eaten apple core on my table, the water bottles on the back of the truck. But I see results, in my health, sex life (did I just wake some of you up?), drive, energy. It’s true. And flexing in front of the mirror is fun too.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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