Insult to Injury

Welcome back. You belong here.

Medical report: Dealing with some dizzyness and some anxiety but better. Wednesdays, going to counseling to talk through grief, physical and emotional issues. Thursday I had my vision examined, nothing, my eyes are fine. Friday, while doing deadlifts I tweaked my back. It hurts to stand up. Monday, CAT-scan. I’m a little nervous about it, but trusting God all is well. Sometimes I still get this pain/sensation in the area of my concussion. In other news, our seven year old has a stomach bug, okay, she threw up last night. Now all 4 (except for me), have hurled (what a terrible word), in the last two weeks.

Spiritual report: Trusting God, mustard seed like faith, reading Matt. 17 almost every day. I have felt challenged by these physical challenges, but tomorrow I lead worship for the first time in a month and am praying I’ll feel strong enough physically to do it. I feel ready to serve the Body. What update will I give the congregation on how I’ve been? Very minimal, I will allude to things like “physical challenges like we all go through…”, but I will mostly focus on God and His strength and to personalize it, how I’ve been challenged to grow in faith and to see these mountains moved.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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