Song Ideas, Let’s Write

Welcome back. You belong here.

I’m working on a few songs all at once (that’s how it works for me). A key component of songs I write, what I hope to accomplish lyrically and melodically is for a strong phrase that moves, impacts the listener, a line you can feel deep inside your bones, a feeling you can relate to, something that was written for you.

We all have them, these are some favorites:
1. Coldplay’s “Message”: “you’re the target I’m aiming at…” Beautiful.
2. Coldplay’s “What If”: “that you don’t want me there by your side…” Wow.
3. U2’s “Beautiful Day”: “don’t let it get away…” Perfect.

So here are some phrases I’m working on for maximum impact. They could be in the chorus/verse/bridge, not sure at this point. I’m not sure they catch my eye, I may just throw all these away, but sometimes you find something good amidst the mire.

The themes range from Christmas to Easter, loss, pain and hope. Rate as Neutral, Trite, Bad, Interesting or Good.

1. “A Christmas scene without snow/If not for a Savior I know”
2. “If not for a Savior I know”
3. “I’d be distraught and destroyed”
4. “How else would my life be restored?”
5. “I owe it all/I owe it all/To someone else/It’s not in me/It’s not in here/I owe it all/I owe it all”
6. “this is the time of announcement”
7. “If you hadn’t been on my side/I would have despaired even of life” (Psalm 124:1,2)
8. “the darkness is down the street/it seems to get stronger each week”
9. “I have nothing to write/but the world’s on my mind”
10. “if not for the fight left in her”
12. “this hope and peace/it’s not from me/it’s not in me/I owe it all/I owe it all”
13. “to this Savior I know/to the God-man who rose”
14. “the darkness surrounds me”
15. “just when you want to nail others to the wall/His grace appears/His grace is near” – Easter song (pretty bad heh?)

16. YOUR OWN IDEA – perhaps you have a collaborative idea.

That’s good enough. I have others, but I can’t find them in my journals…Maybe I’ll finish something for Christmas Eve.

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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