December Schedule. Good.

Welcome back. You belong here.

I’m looking forward to December. In some ways it will/has been tough, in other ways it’s part of the growth God is taking me through. I’ve been able to delegate the big things in December (ministry side) in order to spend time with friends and family, reconnecting, remembering gramma and being together.

This has been intentional as January and the Spring of 2006 will be a time of new ministry, growth, new worship services and fresh vision. I wanted to take December to seek God and have the emotional and physical strength for this new ministry season in 2006.

Exciting stuff.

Here’s my December schedule:
This week – Time off, seminary catch up, family, date my wife, rest, writing songs
Dec 26-Dec 28 – Family vacation, San Diego

Sat. Dec. 3rd – Another one of the bands we’ve equipped will take part of the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade. I will walk next to the float and pass out stuff.
Monday, Dec. 5th – Bounce house with staff friends and families

Sun. Dec. 4th – One of the bands we’ve developed leads worship (another one led last week). I get to sit, worship, watch and give feedback as part of on going training.
Sun. Dec. 11th – Speak in Resonate (young adult service, 6pm)

Friday, Dec. 9th – Aunt Alicia from San Diego (abuelita’s sister) spends the night
Sun. Dec. 18th – Service of Rememberance for abuelita, 10-12 people in town, her pastor will do the service at our home, visit cemetery, remember, laugh, cry together
Dec 29-Jan3 – Aunt Rhonda at our home

Sat. Dec. 24th – Lead two Christmas services, time with family, gifts, toys, toys, toys (for our children that is…)
Sun. Dec. 25th – Lead worship (bummer)

Sat. Dec. 24th – Night abuelita went into hospital
Jan 3rd – Abuelita dies (1 year ago)

Have a great day.

Into the future,


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