There is a Race Fatigue in this Country.

Welcome back. You belong here.

This is not your typical Thanksgiving dinner conversation, but I can’t pass on Rudy’s amazing thoughts on Racism, capital R and the responsibility we all have towards it, not just Whites.

Challenging stuff. I need to think about it some more to better comment on it. Read it yourself and comment on it and why not ask your dinner guests what they think….pass the stuffin’.

What’s missing from justice ministry:

“There is race fatigue in this country. What is usually unspoken is that it now appears that African-Americans, Latinos, Asian-Americans and others also have responsibility when it comes to racism, and no one is talking about this. A more equitable – and just? – table would be set with various ethnic groups confessing their sins and shortcomings toward each other, each group toward every other group, and not simply a table where the dominant group is confessing its sins of power against minorities.”

Into the future,


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