10 Year Realizations

Welcome back. You are welcomed here.

You know how you never get to think unless you’re on vacation? So, Rachelle and I were able to do that while in Palm Springs about what we’ve learned, life ahead now 10 years into our marriage.

Some examples:

WE ARE BECOMING MORE ONE. Part of this is realizing we’re laughing at the same jokes, enjoying the same restaurants, movies, etc. One morning we were both in the hotel room, her reading USA Today, and I reading Google News and we felt so comfortable just being together doing mundane things. It was the feeling of I Love Who You Are and I Love Being with You. She also did laps in the pool (25mns or so) each morning. I did weights and treadmill in the fitness room.

We watched “In Good Company” on DVD. Isn’t it funny how the older you get the more you relate to the parents in the movies instead of the youn college kids? Well, that’s starting to happen to us. We just laughed slash freaked out as we imagined our three little ones going away to college one day and worrying about who they will date. (college? how about elementary school! Scary…)

BETTER DEVOTIONS TOGETHER. We’ve always had different devotional styles, hers more fluid, mine more static. When we do them together, it unites us. We had time in the Scriptures and prayer in the mornings.

MORE PLANNING TOGETHER. A while back my dad gave us a set of “more togethers…” as in more planning together, more fun together, more praying together in marriage. One evening, we spent an hour or two planning the fall calendar, looking at her work schedule, my work schedule, the children’s school schedule, times of me cooking and taking care of the children, planning our dates with one another, Christmas and Thanksgiving plans, etc.

LETTING YOU IN. I had a good time writing, drawing circles and arrows on my note pad (no lines) just thinking out loud on paper. Life, ministry, who I am, my future, my background and childhood, good stuff. Then Rachelle and I sat together on the couch and we went through my circles and thoughts, my revelations and insights.

She is the one I want to share these things with. The raw stuff, the first drafts, the unedited version. And to hear her feedback, her input which refines me and helps me, and at the end to pray together for God to guide us and give us wisdom as we think of our future together. That was my favorite part.

It was just fun being together, eating $50 pizza, drinking coffee together in the mornings, having tuna for lunch in our room, sleeping in until 8:30am, that’s a treat with three small children let me tell you, watching 3 straight hours of Law&Order, going to Staples and Target together, (well, I didn’t go to Target, you understand, right guys?) and just feeling comfortable being with one another. It was fun.

Into the future,


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