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#233 How to Overcome Temptation

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In this Episode: Sometimes God does lead us into temptation but for a divine purpose. What is that purpose?

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#151 How to Go From Bitterness to Joy


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Welcome back. You belong here.

It’s easy these days to get mad at the world, politics, health issues, that annoying neighbors all are reasons why people feel so upset these days.

But living a bitter life will only make things worst, we will live alone, mad and never feel the joy of God’s presence in our lives.

God wants us to live lives of joy in the middle of challenges, so how do we go from bitterness to joy? Continue reading #151 How to Go From Bitterness to Joy

#06 A Gentle Word Can Change Everything! #GO! #GOZO!


Listen here! A Gentle Word Can Change Everything – Trig discusses talking to a friend who was changed by a kind word

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Hello everyone this is Trig coming to you live on this day, Monday, February 17th, 2014. Welcome!

I’m going to take this time to tell you about the JOY found in Jesus Christ
#GO, #GOing, #GOZO (Joy) these are the things we’re talking about in this “Podcast of Joy”

Feeling anxious, depressed, weather got you down, you car wont’ start, looking at your wallet, wondering where it’s all gonna come from?
Let’s think about what God is doing in our lives!

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Today’s Reading: John 4

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Most of all, be encouraged, be filled with God!

GO! GOZO! GRACE! In Jesus’ Name
See you next time!