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#223 How to Beat the Odds in 2018

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In this Episode: Why People Give up on Resolutions and How to Beat the Odds! The stats are that 80% of people give up on their resolutions within 2 weeks. The #1 reason is: loneliness and isolation. How do we overcome these obstacles?

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#85 It’s Time to Develop New Habits in 2016 [PODCAST]


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You’re shopping for toys for the children, thinking of what special food to make, getting the house ready for Christmas. But about you? What about your plans to have a stronger marriage, a healthier lifestyle, lose weight and have a better job.

We want new things in 2016, but often we bring the same old habits into 2016. It’s time for some new habits.

In this podcast, I talk about the Three Steps to a Blueprint of JOY in 2016. These are true and tried components to living a life of joy and stop being angry at yourself, your loved ones or your boss.

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