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#228 Three Experiences That Changed My Life Forever

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In this Episode: Have you ever struggled to feel loved by God, self or others? These three experiences changed my life forever. Now, although at times I still forget, I know I am loved by God, by my family and friends and by myself.

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Have You Ever Felt Unseen? by davidTrig


Picture: Joseph and the Christ Child. At a Monastery in Encino, CA.

This picture helped me through a difficult time in my life when I didn’t know who I  was, when I felt unseen.

It was a time when I was asking God, “Who am I?” A time when I felt unheard, like no one had time for me. Eventually God told me through this image, “I am your Father, you are my son. I am not distracted, I notice you.”

Notice how Joseph’s eyes are on the child,  attentive to the child’s needs. Notice how the child is on his tippie-toes, fully trusting his father, confident he’s got his attention.

Have you ever felt unseen?
Ever been at a time in your life when you felt unseen, like you didn’t really matter to  people or to God? Perhaps not seen at work, not seen for who you are with your parents or family. Maybe you feel taken for granted or put in a box you can’t get out of.

Today, you need to know that you do matter to God.
His eyes, his attention, his mind is on you. You may not feel that, you may not get what you want from God, but that doesn’t change the way He thinks about you.

1. What do you see in this image?
2. Do you need to know today that you are seen by your Father?
3. What would you say to the Father in this picture?
4. Do you feel seen by God today? In what ways?

Thank you for being here,