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#240 How to Find Your Dream Job

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In this Episode: How do you decide what career to go into? And if you’re already in a career, retired or unemployed, how do you determine what to do next?

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#84 Five Ways to Know Your Next Career Move [PODCAST]


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It can be tough knowing your career path in high school and college, imagine in your 30’s or midlife? In a book I read a while back called “Let Your Life Speak” the author, Parker Palmer talks about the need to let your life speak and guide your vocation. The book really changed how I approach money, career, vocation and joy.

In this podcast, I talk about Five Ways to Know Your  Next Career Path and I help you think about both vocation and passion and the difference between the two. I also talk about the need to make money in this new world and the role joy and wellness should play in daily life.

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