#205 How to Start Your Own Podcast in Less Than an Hour

In this Episode: I talk about 7 Tips to Start Your Own Podcast in Less Than an Hour. I go over gear, mindset and the tools you need in order to start your own podcast in an hour. This is a LIVE stream that I did this week that will help you answer most of your common questions such as:

#204 What I Learned From Hosting My First Live Event

In this Episode: I talk about what I learned in hosting my first event called the No More Anxiety workshop. I want to share these tips with you, in case you want to host your own event and learn from what I did. 

#203 How I Survived My First Session with a Personal Trainer

In this Episode: Today I had my first session with my personal trainer, ouch! I thought I was doing fine with my exercise program until today, she pushed me beyond my limits and I needed it! Sometimes in our spiritual lives, career or in our relationships we think we’re doing great but then one day something makes us realize we need help.

#202 Five Reasons Why I Love Podcasting

In this Episode: Podcasting is all the rage, but it wasn’t always this way, in this episode I walk you through my history of podcasting, when it began, when I left it and how I returned to it to huge success.

#201 A Five-Step Blueprint to No More Anxiety

In this episode of the #trigpodcastofJOY! I go over five steps to develop a No More Anxiety Blueprint. These are the steps I’ve used to become a person of GOZO and overcome my own fear, anxiety and guilt.

[BLOG POST] Do you ever feel forgotten by God?

The Bible says an angel appeared  to Hagar and gave her son water to drink, brought him out of the desert and settled them in a safe part of town. God then re-affirmed to Hagar that he had not forgotten her and that he had seen the need of the boy and would rescue him and bless him.

[BLOG POST] Four Ways to Deal with Guilt and Shame

Welcome Back. You belong here. Four Ways to Deal with Guilt and Shame Identify the Pattern Put Truth into Your Mind Seek a Mentor Who Speaks Life Into You Know You Are God’s Beloved Thank you for being here! davidTrig — Who is David Trigueros (Trig)? I have been married 22 years to my beautiful…

#199 Three Reasons Why Most People Are Not Truly Free

In this Episode: Most people think they’re free, but freedom is more than a weekend off, burgers and dogs. Freedom is more than going to church or having a job. Freedom comes from within, it comes from a genuine understanding of who you are, it ultimately comes from God. But how do you live in freedom when most people have lived their lives in fear most of their lives?